A recent poll commissioned by the NCCM has unveiled a striking consensus among Canadians regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Israel. The nationwide survey conducted by Mainstreet Research shows that an overwhelming 71% of Canadians are demanding an immediate ceasefire in the war-torn region.

The poll, which aimed to gauge the sentiments of Canadians on the Middle East conflict, revealed a strong desire for humanitarian aid. Respondents from diverse backgrounds and regions across Canada expressed a shared concern for the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, emphasizing the urgent need for a cessation of hostilities.

The NCCM believes that these results reflect the deep-rooted values of empathy, solidarity, and social justice that are fundamental to Canadians of all political stripes.

"The numbers are undeniable," said Stephen Brown, CEO of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, "Asked in a number of different ways, it is clear that Canadians have spoken. They do not support more war. They want us to push for peace. Will politicians of all political stripes respond to the call of the people?"

As advocates for civil liberties and human rights on behalf of Palestinian Canadians and the clear majority of Canadians,  NCCM calls on the Canadian government to heed the voice of its citizens and actively work towards facilitating a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The support for Palestinian Canadians leaving Gaza is an important first step however, we encourage policymakers to engage in diplomatic efforts, support humanitarian initiatives, and collaborate with international partners to bring about an immediate ceasefire and create the conditions for lasting peace in the region.

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