Has your child been told to quiet down about Palestine?

Or not to wear a keffiyeh or change their profile picture?

Have they been punished for showing solidarity with Gaza?

Do not stay silent. Our youth need our support.

If you have experienced such an incident, go to https://www.nccm.ca/report/ to report what happened.

If you want to raise your voice about the crisis in Gaza or a situation related to it concerning your child, please see below for suggested things to say when engaging with your school administration or staff:

My child has been subjected to discipline by the school for saying that they stand in solidarity with the innocent civilians in Palestine.

  • As a parent and community member at the [School board name], I am writing to express my deep disappointment regarding how my child was treated as a result of their concern for the situation in the Middle East and their support for Palestinians affected in Gaza. 
  • As active and engaged parents, we have come to know the school community quite well and have appreciated our school’s commitment to educate, uplift, and support its diverse student body. Therefore, it is quite shocking to see the reaction that my child received. 
  • Our school board includes Palestinian and Muslim staff, students, and families. Many of us also have friends or extended families who are connected to those who are suffering inside Gaza. Let’s be clear: what happened to Jewish civilians was abhorrent and disgusting. There is no justification for what they went through. 
  • However, we may disagree with responding to violence with more violence—a sentiment that my kids have expressed.
  • Other children have also voiced feelings of being unacknowledged, ignored, and anxious. Other families have communicated their shared worry about the safety of their kids. The impact of the Board’s statement demonstrates an ignorance and lack of care concerning the true diversity of its staff, students, or the wider community it exists to serve.  
  • If the Board cannot take into consideration the whole community they serve, then how can we know as parents that our children are safe, cared for, and understood in our schools?
  • I would like to ensure that clear and swift actions are taken to restore trust between the parent community and the Board. The [School board name] has made its commitment to uphold the tenets of equity, diversity, and human rights very clear. This commitment was one of the most significant deciding factors when I placed my child in your care. Today, I am asking you to uphold that commitment. I want to work together to make that happen.

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